What You'll Learn Inside

  • Email Marketing Fundamentals that every online business owner needs to know for digital marketing efforts.
  • How to Start Using Email Marketing in your business to develop relationships with prospects that convert to paying customers.
  • Examples of Real Business Growth based on email marketing strategies that generate over $100K.

My name is Rose Michel, I am an entrepreneur I had a chance to book a session with Ms. Elesha to talk about email marketing strategy. My experience was great she break down the important steps you need to know to be successful in your business. I highly recommended her.

— Rose Michel

Meet your Host

Elesha Jacobs

CEO and IT Strategist of Innovategy Solutions®.

My mission is to help any business owner who wants to increase traffic, leads, and sales via email marketing.

Develop relationships with customers or clients who are interested in what you have to offer and willing to pay for a solution they need – at a price you set once they trust you. Yes, it will take a little bit more work, but when it comes to growing your business, the effort is well worth it!