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Get experienced help identifying the right tech solutions for your business with a strategy for implementation and growth.

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CEO of Innovategy Solutions®

Have trouble connecting the dots?

You do not have to be frustrated and use Google and Youtube to fix your tech woes.

That's where I come in. Having spent my career as an ICT Specialist for over 15+ years, I've helped everyone from C-level enterprise execs to startup entrepreneurs assess and perform systems audits and develop strategies for streamlined business operations while leveraging technology for growth.

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Help me, help you.

I strategically align tech with business goals through our proven 3-step framework.

We'll help you take your business to the next level! We will assess all of its processes and get an understanding of what it needs in order to go above and be successful. After that, we will put together a plan on how to best align systems so that running this company becomes second nature with ease.

  • Expert Advice
  • Identify the Gaps
  • Understanding your Tech Stack
  • Aligning Business Goals
  • IT/help desk support

Elesha Jacobs is very knowledgeable in technology. In fact, I thought I knew everything about tech. Her expertise is what you want and need. ”

—Gardenia Leonidas

What's Included in this Session?

A fair question. After all, when you need extra help, you need to know what's the process for success.

We perform a full in-depth systems audit and get a full understanding of your business needs.

We create a strategy for implementation and growth, optimize your tech stack, identify which processes need automation, and streamline your business processes.

With your strategy, systems, and tech stack aligned to your business needs, your business is on the path to success.